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Warning: Car rental Companies May Automatically Pay Violations – and there's Little You Can Do About It

Warning: Car rental Companies May Automatically Pay Violations – and there's Little That you can do About It

“If you're issued a ticket while driving a rental car, rental car agreements provide that a rental party accounts for all tickets issued towards the rental vehicle during the rental period. DC DMV has learned that some rental car companies will automatically pay any ticket(s) incurred on vehicles and charge the customer the ticket fine plus administrative fees. They will not provide you with the chance to adjudicate the tickets, as the adjudication process ends once a ticket is paid even if it studying the adjudication process. Because the legal who owns the automobile, car rental information mill inside their rights to use this process.”

Warning: Car rental Companies May Automatically Pay Violations – and There Is Little That you can do About It

That paragraph you just read is located at the Contest Parking and Photo Enforcement Tickets section of the official Internet site of the Dmv from the District of Columbia…

…and that's the main focus from the situation which FlyerTalk member JCFans – who rented an automobile from Hertz they are driving from Baltimore to the District of Columbia – faces following a “charge showed up on my charge card for US$180 under Hertz Traffic Violation-ATS AME MESA. I find this charge is extremely excessive and unreasonable.”

The charge appeared like adding insult to injury after JCFans – who's from Canada – realized too late that the rental car undergone a totally electronic toll and ultimately paid $18.00 for that purportedly $4.00 toll.

FlyerTalk member dc2005b advised that “For reference in DC going 11-15 mph within the limit will get a $100 ticket, 16-20 mph over gets $150 and its not hard to assume them charging a $30 admin fee to pay for check in for you.”

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